On August 10, 2017 we were proud to release the first volume of a multi-volume series titled Big Nic. 

The series is an autobiographical sketch of Nicolas Iljine, who in his words described the project as: 

This book is about the history of my family. About the difficult life of my grandmother and grandfather – Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia. About the Pale of Settlement and attaining a honorary citizenship and striving for nobility. About serving the Tsar and the Homeland. About the revolution and the tragic death of my grandfathers. About my grandmother fleeing Soviet Russia and emigration to France with her two daughters. About surviving the years of the Second World War in Paris occupied by the Nazis. About my childhood and youth and about many other things.
His stories, personal and professional histories were curated by Alexandra Sviridova, a renowned Russian writer currently living in New York. Sviridova has published hundreds of articles in the Russian-American press and has received recognition for her literary talents. Noviy Zhournal (New Journal) awarded Sviridova the Mark Aldanov Prize in literature in 2009 and 2011.


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